About the Artist

Dmitry Yanushkevich was born in Moscow Russia in 1976. Both of his parents were artists, so naturally, the first thing he learned was how to hold a pencil and draw. He spent countless hours of his youth under a table drawing before he even learned to walk or talk. At the age of 11, Dmitry lost 95% of his vision due to a swelling in his brain, leaving him permanently blind. Seeing that there was very poor quality medicine in the USSR at the time, his family sold everything and immigrated to America.

Dmitry finished school at the California School for the Blind in Freemont, where he excelled in music and art classes and went on to Davis and Elkins College in West Virginia. He graduated with a BS in Business but continued to create art throughout his college career. His artwork is in private collections all around the world including the office of Ron Kadish, the Director of State Specials; Schools of California Department of Education in Sacramento and Amsterdam Whitney International Fine Art Gallery

He currently lives in the Bay Area and is working on a new series of paintings and playing jazz guitar, piano and harmonica.

Black Tree watercolor .jpg

Artist’s Statement

“If I could say it in words there would be no reason to paint.”

~ Edward Hopper

I am primarily interested in ideas that have the potential to improve my artwork by bringing new creative and lively touches. I am interested in creating works that are ambivalent in nature and are organic within themselves.


I believe that my vision enhances my creativity by allowing me to see only things that are relevant to the goals I set in creating my artwork. This is reflected in my artwork in two ways. It allows me to connect deeper with my objectives for a current artwork. It also prevents me from unneeded distraction, for instance, concentrating on too many details while missing the important things like composition or color balance.


Many of my works function better if viewers actively engage with them by trying to identify with them in some way. My approach to computer art tries to gain viewers with an immediate visceral sense of presence, while simultaneously inducing them to understand the conceptual motivation and deeper meaning behind an individual interactive work of art.

I work in different media; however, I mostly like to work by means of the art software. The reason is that I find this way more flexible in expressing and experimenting with my art ideas.

I have many different themes for my artworks. For the paintings that I produce, I have some urban or wildlife landscapes and some still life. For my digital art, themes could range anywhere from landscapes, still life, to imaginative abstract oblivion. My perspective keeps on changing as I learn new experiences.

As I continue working in the art field and continue on seeing other artists’ works, the perspective of my style might change according to my judgment and impressions that I gain from other artists’ art work.